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Are we alone?And it ties into all the big questions: how do we get here? where are we going?Are we a part of a bigger picture?我们是否孤单这个问题又涉及到其他大的疑问,比如我们来自何方,又要去到哪里?我们是不是一幅更大画面的一部分?But for the longest time ,the question was taboo to science.但很长一段时间,这个问题却是科学研究的禁忌。Before the Mid-1990s ,it was considered somewhat embarassing to even address the question, because looking for alien life seems a little frighteningly close to science fiction.在20世纪90年代中期前,即使是谈论这类问题都被认为是很难堪的,因为寻找外星生命听起来很吓人好像科幻一样。For decades ,the farthest we got in looking for aliens was imagining them on the silver screen.(What is your name?) After all,alien life needs a hull, and we havnt even find a planet outside our own solar system.几十年以来,我们在探索外星生命之上,最多就是在银屏上想象他们的样子,你叫什么名字?毕竟外星生命需要一个家,而我们还未在太阳系外找到一个行星。Scientists in fact never talked about planets around other stars. There is no way to detect them.科学家们实际上从不谈论围绕其他恒星的行星,因为没办法侦测到它们。And so it was one of those domains of science that you couldnt answer and therefore you didnt talk about it.所以这是一个我们回答不了的科学领域,以致于我们就不会去谈论它了。Then in 1995, a stronomer discovered a planet orbiting a star 50 light-years from earth. And since then they found hundreds more.在1995年,一个天文学家发现了一个距离地球55光年围绕恒星运转的行星,从那之后,天文学家们又发现了数百个。For the first time, in human history ,we realized that our sun with its 8 major planets that go around,it is just one type of a planetary system ,one example of billlions.这是人类历史上首次我们发现我们的有8个主行星围绕的太阳只是几百万个行星系统中的一种形式。These discoveries are exciting ,but dont expect to dial up ET on these planets anytime soon.这些发现着实令人兴奋,但别对很快就会发现外星人抱太大希望。Well ,its been a spectacular ride in the last decade to find these planets,most of them are giant planets.过去几十年对行星的寻找真的是很惊人,他们多数都是大行星。Most of the worlds we found are gas giants which probably couldnt support life.我们大多找到的是不太有可能持生命的巨大的气体星球。You cant stand on pneumas ,no hard surface,they are large balls of hydrogen and helium gas like Jupiter and Saturn.你不能站在那些星球上,因为那里没有坚固的地面,它们都是由氢气,氦气等组成的大气球,比如木星和土星就是这样。We have found a few rocky planets with hard surfaces ,but they are many times more massive than earth,and contain the most hostile environments you could ever imagine.我们虽然找到了一些有地面的岩石行星,但它们比地球大很多倍,并且上面的条件恶劣到你无法想象。One such planet, CoRoT-7b,orbits so close to its star that surface temperatures reach as high as 3000 degrees.Sunlights here does not bring the sound of birds song,instead its an Armageddon of volcanic explosions.例如CoRoT-7b,它与自己的太阳如此之近以致星球表面温度高达炙热的华氏3000度,这里的阳光带来的不是优美的鸟鸣,而是巨大的火山爆发。 译文属201512/416601In our informal survey, 61% of teachers indicated that better pay is the best way to retain teachers. As part of our ;Learning to Teach; week at Michigan Radio, Joshua Cowen, an associate professor at the Education Policy Center at Michigan State University, discusses teacher pay in the state.Cowen says theres disagreement within the state of whether monetary compensation or professional opportunities work better to reward teachers.The old model has been based on tenure, or being guaranteed a certain amount of money for teaching a certain length of time. Cowen says the alternative being used by some instead bases compensation on performance.Cowen suggests the best solution is a hybrid of the two models, ;where experience is rewarded financially,; but ;the standards that you have to pass to reach tenure, for example, are higher than they were in the past.;Its important to reward experience because, as Cowen points out, ;In education that experience does lead to increased effectiveness over time. The first five years in particular teachers, by almost any measure, become more effective.;While compensation is also a factor, Cowen says its about more than just money.;One of the arguments against the way things are done now is that its not so much that money itself matters, but its money for what youre doing,; Cowen says.Salary often doesnt incentivize people to enter or remain in the profession, according to Cowen. Instead, monetary compensation is important when it reflects an appreciation of the teachers hard work or specific skills.;I think the take-home point is its not all about the money, its sort of the rewards for what youre doing,; Cowen says.201504/367482Usually a green, sour fruit is just a fruit thats not ripe yet.通常绿绿色,酸酸的水果只是表明水果还不成熟。If you left a lime on the tree longer would it eventually change color and become sweet, like an orange?如果你长时间不摘取树上的酸橙,它最终会改变颜色,变得甜甜的,就像桔子那样吗?Actually, limes do become much more yellow and less sour as they ripen.事实上, 酸橙会变得更黄,而且成熟后不会那样酸。Under ripe limes are darker green and quite bitter.熟透的酸橙颜色呈现黑绿,尝起来更为苦涩。There are other clues to their ripeness too.还有其他线索表明这些水果的成熟。Ripe limes are heavy with juice and more aromatic, with a fragrant “limey” smell.成熟的酸橙因为汁水会有些沉甸甸,闻起来更芳香,带有“酸橙”香味的味道。Most fruits we eat use similar cues to advertise ripeness.我们吃的大多数水果都是依靠类似的标志表明成熟度。Why would plants want parts of them to be eaten?为什么植物们希望自己的果实被进食?Fruiting plants have evolved a partnership with certain animals in order to increase the success of their seeds.水果植物因为某些动物成功增加播撒的种子已经得以进化。Tasty fruit pulp is the reward plants offer to animals in exchange for dispersing their seeds.美味的果肉是植物提供动物们以换取播撒自身种子的奖励。201501/356420No. 1 Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prizein 1939, he was nominated by Brandt, a member of the Swedish parliament.第一,希特勒在1939年获得了诺贝尔和平奖的提名,提名他的是勃兰特,一位瑞典议会的议员。The man was a dedicated anti-fascist and he made thenomination as a joke, but unsurprisingly is sarcasm wasnt very well received.此人致力于反法西斯,并把这项提名当作笑话,但毫无疑问这个讽刺并不被大众理解。No. 2 Hitler invented the blow-up sex doll.第二,希特勒发明了充气娃娃。German troops were getting syphilis from engagingwith French prostitutes, so to counteract this, Hitler had lifelike dolls madethat could pack into soldiers bags and provide comfort when needed.德国军队从法国身上染上梅毒,所以为了抵抗此病,希特勒下令制作了栩栩如生的娃娃,可以装在士兵的包裹里,在需要的时候提供安慰。No. 3 Hitlers first love was a Jewish girl, lackingcourage he never spoke to her.第三,希特勒的初恋是一个犹太女孩,由于缺乏勇气,他从来没有对她说话。He was only 16 at the time and he wrote a number oflove poems about her.那时他只有16岁,还写了许多关于她的爱情诗。Some sources claim he even contemplated suicide, asan escape from the suffering unrequited love caused him.一些消息来源声称他甚至想以自杀来逃避单恋的痛苦。No. 4 Hitler led the first public anti-smokingcampaign in modern history.第四,希特勒领导了现代史上第一次公共禁烟运动。The Nazi anti-tobacco campaign banned smoking inpublic transport vehicles and raised the tobacco tax.纳粹反烟运动禁止在公共交通工具上吸烟和提高烟草税。They also promoted health education and organizelectures for soldiers.他们还推行士兵的健康教育并组织讲座。No. 5 Hitler was a vegetarian, and created lawsagainst animal cruelty, he passed laws which regulated animal slaughter as wellas animal transport.第五,希特勒是一个素食主义者,他制定了反对虐待动物的法律,通过法律规范动物屠宰以及运输。Most importantly, he prohibited hunting and limitedanimal testing.最重要的是,他禁止打猎和限制动物实验。Unfortunately, the animals previously used inmedical experiments were replaced by the Jews.不幸的是,之前医学实验中使用的动物被犹太人所取代。No. 6 Hitler was saved from drowning by a priestwhen he was four years old.第六,希特勒在他四岁时溺水,被一个牧师救了。The priest was around hitlers age and jump to therescue when the ice under Hitlers feet cracked and he sank into the freezingwater.这个牧师跟他差不多年龄,在希特勒脚下的冰裂开,陷入了冰冷的水时,跳下去救了他。Ironically, the hero grew up to regret the incident.具有讽刺意味的是,这位英雄长大后表示十分后悔这个举动。No. 7 During the First World War, a British soldierspared the life of a wounded German, that German was Adolf Hitler.第七,在第一次世界大战期间,一名英国士兵救了一个受伤的德国士兵一命,那个德国人就是阿道夫#8226;希特勒。The soldier had a clear aim to kill at point-blank,but he decided not to shoot.这个士兵本可以一毙命,但他决定不开。Hitler later found an article about the soldier,recognized him in the picture and save the clipping.希特勒后来发现了一篇关于该士兵的报道,从照片上认出了他并保存了剪报。No. 8 Hitler plan to collect thousands of Jewishartifacts to build a museum of an extinct race after the war.第八,希特勒计划收集成千上万的犹太人艺术品以在战争结束后建造一个灭绝种族的物馆。He ordered the collection of 200,000 items whichwere photographed and catalogued, the collection was meant to serve as a trophycase.他命令集合20万件物品来拍摄和编目,这个收集被作为自己的一个奖杯陈列。No. 9 Hitler never once visited a singleconcentration camp.第九,希特勒从未去过任何一个集中营。In fact, he was very careful about keeping a safedistance from all the dirty work.事实上,他非常小心地和所有肮脏的工作保持着一段安全距离。He deliberately spoke very vaguely about thesubject, and no written order about the killings ever existed, he gave the mostsensitive order exclusively and verbally.他故意很含糊地谈到这个话题,对裁定杀戮从不下书面命令,这些敏感的命令都是口头陈述并鲜为人知。No. 10 Hitler only had one testicle. Reportedly, hewas injured in battle with his abdomen and groin suffering most of the damage.第十,希特勒只有一个睾丸。据传,他在战斗中受了伤,腹部和腹股沟遭受了严重的伤害。As a result, he lost one of his testicles, the wardoctor supports this claim although no conclusive evidence was ever made inpublic.结果是,他失去了他的一个睾丸,虽然战地医生持这一说法,但至今没有有确凿的据来公然实。201508/391263

Jennife Aniston and Abraham Lincoln who is here with us today.今天Jennifer Aniston和Abraham Lincoln在这里All righ,So here we go,talking aobut what happened this morning.好 现在 让我们谈谈今天早上发生的事Hey,this is your call.We are gonna talk about if you really feel,I mean.嘿 这是你的决定 如果你真的觉得有必要我们可以谈谈What do you have to say about it?Lets just show them.Lets not talk about it.你对这个该怎么解释? 先给他们看 我们先不说Lets just show it.Jen?Hi.Hi.What are you doing here?Its 8 a.m. in the morning.先让他们看 詹妮弗? 你好 你好 你在这里干嘛?现在可是早上八点呐oh,Yeah.Here is your paper?Oh,thanks.对的 给 你的报纸 谢谢Listen.So Im co-hosting Ellen today And I know you did it.听着 是这样的 我今天要和艾伦一起主持 我知道你和她一起主持过And you were so good and I just,just need a lot of advice.Some advice?你做的那么棒 我来向你请教些经验 经验?Maybe you should show up at somebodys house at 8 oclock in the morning.如果你要早上八点出现在别人家门口And you should call first.W...What are you talking about?我想你应该先打电话通知一下的 什...你在说什么?We used to work into each others apartment all the time.I mean we are friends.我们以前经常相互串门啊 我们可是老友呐I know.That was just a TV show,you know.我知道 可那毕竟是个电视剧呀We havent actually seen each other in a pretty long time like 8 years.你知道我们大概有八年那么长的时间没见了吧What?No.David.Thats not true.Its Matthew Whatever,listen.不 不 大卫 这不是真的 我叫做马修 不管啦 嘿 听着I just dont know as many dumb jokes as you我不知道无聊低级的笑话Oh,you really?you thought those were dumb jokes?Sweetie...真的吗?你真的认为我说的那些是低级的笑话? 亲爱的Ellen is really nice.Shes really funny.Youre gonna do great.I know.I know.艾伦人很好 很幽默 你们会合作的很好的 这我知道I just wanna know it is scripted or is it improvised?我只想知道节目是有稿子的还是需要即兴发挥?Yes!Y..To what? Yes to what?Come on,you gotta give me something to go on.对呀 对?是哪个?那个对呀? 嘿 你总得把话说完Oh dont say GO ON.Oh Im sorry.Yeah Youre gonna be great.别跟我提生活向前冲 哦 不好意思 你会很出色的You are really smart.You are beautiful.You are sexy.你这么聪明 这么漂亮 又这么性感I konw.I know.But,it just Whats happening down here.我懂的 但是只是...发生什么事了? /201604/437309

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